certificate for Neilsen-Norman group UX training

I'm Ernest

I thrive in finding answers to quandaries. I strive to understand the sources of the problem and find solutions that deliver positive outcomes for the user and the business. I had a mature career in design as a hybrid mechanical engineer/industrial designer before taking a class in Ruby on Rails. I found myself elated in the digital world. However, it was not until I really delved into User Experience Design that the “bulb came on”. UX had all of the traits that I loved about my current role (user studies, research, and ideation) and nothing I didn’t (materialism, designing without the end user in mind). I knew I had to transition my career…

Fast forward to today and I have been practicing UX for over 6 years as a Lead Product Designer and loving every bit! My wife says I used to wake up in the middle of the night to write song lyrics, and now they’ve been replaced by wireframes!

When I’m not wearing my UX cap, I enjoy hiking and finding “champion trees” with my family, playing drums, and eating food from all cultures (though I do have a penchant for Asian soups).

  • Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
  • Form follows function
  • Strive for simplicity
  • Validate, don't just iterate

Case Studies

Kind Words

"...a member of a cross-functional team, Ernest shaped Product direction and collaborated well with engineers to assure his work was successfully delivered to the end customer."
full recommendation
John James
Director of Product Design at Mailchimp
"...Ernest has a knack for identifying elusive problems and soliciting pivotal insights from users that other product people tend to miss...I can't recommend him highly enough."
full recommendation
Jon Trobaugh
Sr Product Manager at Autotrader
"...Ernest approached our product development with a strategic mindset and was able to hone in on the minute details...his humble, collaborative style was essential to our success."
full recommendation
Travis Tiffany
Product Manager at Cardlytics